Monthly Archives: June 2020

Showcasing MIDJ

midj italia collection

Italy is the capital of timeless art. It indicates the way of thinking and living, which reflects in designing innovative ideas for furniture. Among all the Italian furniture brands a brand that always shines brighter than most is; MIDJ. All of their furniture is made 100% in Italy, which reflects the relationship between craftsmanship creativity […]

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Italian Loveseats: The Favorite Among The Family

italian loveseats

We all have a favorite chair or couch in our living room but because of its small universal design we can all agree that the loveseat, is our winner. Loveseats made there entrance to the furniture world during the 17th century. This two-seater couch was created for the sole purpose of being able to accommodate […]

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The History Of Headboards & Why You Need One

Bamax slash headboard

As a child we rarely cared about how our bedrooms looked, so we can safely say that we really didn’t pay any attention to our furniture. However, as we began to leave our childhood, into adolescence, and finally into adulthood, our interior designing tastes began to wake up. For instance, an essential piece of furniture […]

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